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The dangers of the rhetoric of terrorism, more thoughts on employees freezing their eggs, and listener mail on GamerGate.

The multiple ways special operations forces are stretched thin after 13 years of war, some additional thoughts on GamerGate, and listener mail.

Thoughts on privacy and privilege, the effects of telling young black Americans they are

Sarah Silverman and the National Women’s Law Center biff it in an effort to raise awareness about the gender pay gap, and checking in on the Ben Affleck, Bill Maher, Sam Harris debacle.

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My inability to stop yawning no matter how awake or interested makes so much more sense now! The Real Reason We Yawn: http://t.co/Dx9LZJE0kB Scientists working to unravel the mystery surrounding the yawn, and why it’s contagious, have discovered that yawning is much more complicated than previously thought.

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#Ferguson protest in DC last night - organized, appeared to be working w/ police. http://t.co/sqiFGzNpfJ Get the whole picture - and other photos from Amanda Honigfort

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Been really looking forward to this week’s episode- you don’t want to miss @TEDRadioHour on The Source of Creativity http://t.co/ZV9mGA3Upy We want to be creative but channeling our creative impulses is no small feat. Is creativity something we are born with or can we learn it? In this hour, TED speakers examine the mystery of creativity.

"But rest assured: a few years from now, when everyone has gotten used to everyone being able to get married, Republicans are going to argue that they were for equality all along." Today’s SCOTUS pronouncement suggests it won’t be long before marriage equality is law across the country.

I wish I could be there for this! :-) :-) :-) Our experts speakers include StraightUp Solar, Ameren Missouri, Laclede Gas Company, Trailnet, Smarthouse Home Performance Experts, and @[390266494339660:274:…

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Everything will be okay. http://t.co/rZdh1o6eYm Get the whole picture - and other photos from Emergency Kittens

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GoFundMe disallows a woman trying to raise money for an abortion, and a Missouri lawmaker is suing because the ACA allows his daughters access to birth control.

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That’s a wrap, folks! Thx for coming to the Better Block! Would you take a few min to tell us how it went? http://t.co/hEQIDIwDfd #SkinkerD Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey.com. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey’s expert certified FREE templates.

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At @SkinkerD Better Blocks! An awesome neighborhood revitalization celebration! http://t.co/o7zFHqN2XB Get the whole picture - and other photos from SLUUPA

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Better Block Project today in the #SkinkerD neighbourhood! http://t.co/Rnd0TBNOVE Get the whole picture - and other photos from Kamoranakrre